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Discover The "Secret" Formula That We Use To Help Our Clients Completely Transform Themselves
...Without Unrealistic and Unsustainable Dieting or Spending Hours At The Gym...
Discover The "Secret" Formula That We Use To Help Our Clients Completely Transform Themselves
...Without Unrealistic and Unsustainable Dieting or Spending Hours At The Gym...
(In Far Less Time Than They Ever Thought Was Possible)
(In Far Less Time Than They Ever Thought Was Possible)



























Here Are Some More Of Our Client Transformations...

Here Are Some More...

"I was expecting to feel happy with my body, but when I first saw myself at the final weigh-in...I was in complete and utter shock with My Transformation."
~ Irene L.
"In about 12 weeks I lost 36 pounds and 10% body fat. I feel healthy, I feel confident in myself and I love what I do now!"
~ Stephanie R.
"It was a breakthrough for me to realize that what I was doing before was not healthy, but I didn't realize that until I started treating my body better. I lost 24 pounds and 6% body fat in 6 weeks!"
~ Leonalyn K.


Q: What is your success rate?

80/20 in terms of those who make it to their goal – we get over 30 clients a month (minimum), that’s a lot of people. The more clients we get the harder it is to get 100% results for multiple reasons. Unfortunately, even with all of the personalization, support, accountability, and 1-1 coaching some individuals still won’t put in the work. However, the 80% who do, get results and hit their goals.

Q: What exactly do you help people with?

Here’s a list of what we do…
- Personalized nutrition plans
- Personalized workout plans
- Live and recorded workouts
- Unlimited plan modifications 
- Weekly lessons on everything you need to know about getting results
- Daily check-ins 
- 3 Group Zoom Calls a week
- Private online accountability group
- Unlimited 1-1 Coaching
...we work together on a 1-1 basis to help you get to your goal and learn how to maintain it for the rest of your life.

Q: How is it possible to eat whatever and train however you want without sabotaging results?

Simple...we know what drives results. Of course you can’t eat like crap all the time and we do have guidelines and parameters, but you can definitely still enjoy the foods you love and get results.

That’s why we teach you what really matters so you don’t have to feel bad or guilty about enjoying yourself.

Q: How did you come up with this strategy?

After years of trying to help my clients with fun workouts and fancy meal plans, I quickly realized that even the best plans won’t work if they don’t follow it. I wanted my clients to see sustainable results while enjoying their lives. That meant 100% personalization, unlimited 1-1 coaching, and a team of people on my side to be able to provide that level of support. Once I made this shift, my business exploded and so did my clients results.

Q: How will this program teach me how to do this for the rest of my life?

We do this two ways: 1) Every week you’ll receive a new lesson that teaches you the most important things that drives results so that once you complete the program you should never need to buy another diet book, you will never need to search google for what “works”, and you will never need to hire another coach ever again. 2) Throughout our time working together, life will happen as it normally does and things will not always go as planned. 

We’ll show you how to get past those challenging times without throwing away all of the progress you’ve made so you can finally be consistent and make this a lifestyle.

Q: Is this a meal plan? 

Yes and No. The problem with meal plans is that no matter what kind of meal plan you have, it’s either gonna work or it’s not gonna work. And unless you know the underlying principles behind fat loss and nutrition, you’re gonna find yourself stuck, then jumping to something else, and you’re right back in that vicious cycle. Most times, meal plans are just made for the general public and sold to the masses. They typically give the same template to everyone no matter if they're a man or woman, or 120 lbs or 300 lbs. And then people wonder why it didn’t work.

While a meal plan is not necessary when working with us, we highly encourage it because it allows us to know exactly what you are doing each and every day so if you hit a plateau, we know exactly what to do. Think about it, if you do this today, that tomorrow, and the next day you do something else and you hit a plateau, it's gonna be A LOT harder to determine the limiting factor because you're doing all these different things. You can't manage what you don't measure.

We work together with you to design an initial meal plan for you to start with based on your preferences and your goals. Throughout the program, we will modify your plan if necessary to make sure you are seeing results every single morning when you wake. 

Q: Is this a diet like Keto, Paleo, or Atkins? 

No. All those things are just preferences and not necessary to get results. 

Q: Is a plant-based diet better for my health and results?

Again, this is also a preference. However most people who go vegan or vegetarian actually put their health in danger because when you completely remove an entire food group, you will be missing out on a lot of nutrients that your body needs to just function properly. Add calorie restriction and intense exercise to the mix and that’s a recipe for disaster. 

We have experience with working with individuals for one reason or another want to follow a plant-based diet and we show you how to do it the healthy and sustainable way.

Q: Will intermittent fasting improve my results?

No. Intermittent fasting (IF) is yet another strategy that can be used. While there are many different IF protocols, IF is not what actually drives results. If the underlying principles for fat loss and nutrition are not applied, IF will not work. If you think about it, just about everyone is already doing a form of fasting. For example, after you eat your last meal and go to bed, you sleep/fast the entire night until it's time for your next meal in the morning. 

Q: Will eating healthier foods get me in shape?

No. If you consume more calories than you burn regardless if you're eating junk food or whole foods that are minimally processed, you will still gain weight/fat. There is a HUGE difference between eating healthier foods and eating for a specific goal. 

Q: Why is it that even though I barely eat much, I still have trouble losing weight/fat?

Your body needs a certain amount of calories and nutrients just to perform basic body functions. When your calorie intake is too low (especially for extended periods of time), important body functions (i.e. Brain function, reproductive function, metabolism) slow or even shut down. If left unaddressed, this can lead to serious health issues.

Q: Do I have to workout?

Majority of your results will come from nutrition, but obviously some kind of movement is good for overall health and can give you a little boost in results, especially if you are doing some form of resistance training which can increase your metabolic rate, helping you burn even more calories. 

Q: How often and for how long will I need to workout?

I typically recommend working out 3-4 times a week for 30-60 minutes. Some of my clients do a little less, some do a little more. This also depends on how much time you have available to workout and we work with you to figure out the most efficient and effective workout plan for you.

Q: What if I have an injury/limitation that prevents me from doing certain exercises?

There’s not one exercise that will make or break your results. For example, just because you might have a shoulder injury doesn’t mean you can’t have nice shoulders. The most important thing is for you to stay safe while exercising so you don’t injure yourself even further and allow your injury to heal properly. 

The most important thing for us is that you let us know what kind of injuries or limitations you have ahead of time so we can guide you on modifications or exercise substitutions. 

Q: Do I need fancy workout equipment?

No. Majority of your results will come from nutrition and while having some equipment would be ideal, most of our clients have little-to-no equipment and have still been able to achieve amazing results. If you do not have any equipment whatsoever, we encourage you to purchase a set of resistance bands with handles for several reasons: 1) to give you a lot more variety, 2) performing exercises that require a pulling movement (working the back portion of your body) is limited when using your bodyweight alone, and 3) it’ll help balance out movement patterns which will improve your posture.

Q: Do I need to take vitamins or supplements to reach my goal?

No. However 99.9% of people have some kind of nutrient deficiency in which case supplementing with whatever vitamin or mineral is low, would be beneficial to your health. 

Q: Can supplements improve my results?

Absolutely! They can help you get better sleep, more energy, faster recovery, help with cravings, improve digestion, reduce nutrient deficiencies, and even elevate your fat burning hormones.

Obviously a supplement on it’s own will not work. We do everything to help you maximize your nutrition, exercise and lifestyle so that you can see results with just that. But if you are looking for an extra boost in one area or another, then we can show you what can help with your specific needs.

Q: Which supplements should I take?

Which supplements specifically depends on your goals and what you are currently doing. However the supplement industry is not regulated by any governing body (for example: Food is tested by the FDA), which means that you must be very careful not to just take whatever you find at your local vitamin store or online.

I highly recommend whatever vitamin or supplement you decide to ingest is third-party tested and in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP certified) to ensure that it’s safe, it will do what it says it will, and is true to it’s labeling. 

Q: What if I have a vacation/event planned, should I wait to start? 

Are you planning on never doing those things ever again in your life? Probably not, right. I love when clients come on board with special occasions coming up because we teach you how to actually enjoy yourself without feeling guilty. We know how to adjust your plan so the following week after your vacation, wedding, holiday, or get together, you’re in even better shape than the previous one! And you actually got to eat your favorite foods! That’s why this is the most sustainable program out there.

Q: Do I need to do cardio? 

No. Cardio is just a way to burn calories and there are many more efficient ways to do that and get results. But if you enjoy it, then we’ll show you how to maximize your results doing it.

Q: What is the difference about your program versus someone else’s? Why is this better?

We don’t try to fit you into some kind of plan. To me, that’s just being lazy. Anyone can tell you to eat chicken and broccoli all day, cut out sugar and carbs, and do hours of cardio. If you like doing those kinds of things, power to ya. But most people can’t sustain something like that, nor do they need to. It takes time to personalize someone’s plan, to check in on them every step of the way, and actually teach them how to make this fit into their lifestyle. And that’s how we get our clients amazing results that they can sustain for the rest of their lives.

Q: I’m scared to make this decision?

I get it, many of my clients were exactly where you are. And most of them already spent thousands of dollars over the years on things that didn’t get them the results they were wanting.

Regardless of their past experiences, most of them went on to achieve all of their fitness goals and so much more in their lives after they completed our program. It’s always scary at first because our brain tells us to fear the unknown, but it’s that same fear that has kept you exactly where you are now. The only way for you to get to where you want to be is to take action, move forward and do what is necessary to achieve your goals. And that’s what we help our clients do every single day.

Q: I can’t afford this program, is there anything you can do for me?

Yes we have an option for you to use PayPal credit where it’s 0% APR for 6 months.

Q: Is this for people just starting out or is this just for people with experience?

No, many of our clients didn’t even know how to cook prior to coming on board with us (and some have never even exercised before). Everything is laid out in a fashion that even a beginner will understand and be able to apply, but if you have some basic knowledge and experience, then this will take your results to the next level.

Q: I’m scared it won’t work for me?

As long as you communicate to us what you are struggling with then we can help you get to your goal. Our program has worked for thousands of different types of people: Those struggling with hormonal issues (i.e. PCOS, menopause, autoimmune diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, fibromyalgia.), busy individuals, moms, students, we’ve seen it all. Most pre-designed programs try to fit you into their plan but that’s not sustainable or realistic. 

The beauty of our program is that we show you how to fit this into your lifestyle so you can maintain it for the rest of your life and actually enjoy the process.

Q: Can I pay you after I get results?

No. If you can’t bet on yourself I wouldn’t bet on you either.

Success is achievable for anyone but it does come with sacrifice. If I allowed that I would be doing you a great disservice.

Q: If I sign up now, can I start later?


Q: I am older, will this work for me?

Absolutely. In fact some of my best clients are older because they typically have tried it all and are ready to do something that they can sustain moving forward.

Q: What if I need to ask someone for permission?

It’s always best to ask for forgiveness than permission. Take the leap and notify them later.

If you have to ask for permission from someone to be successful you will stay stuck. 

Q: Can I speak with you 1-1?

Absolutely. I go live in the facebook group weekly and go through any questions you may have that I answer directly.





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