"Permanently Transform

Your Body, Mindset,

and Lifestyle

In a Way That You Actually Enjoy..."

(With Absolutely ZERO Food or Life Restrictions!)

This Coaching Program Is For Women Who Are Committed To Learning A Sustainable Way To Live A Healthier And Happier Life.

My Mission...

To provide you with the knowledge, structure, accountability, personalization, and the support that you need to reach your goal in a way that you can maintain for the rest of your life.

Once you graduate from my one-on-one coaching program, you will no longer need to hire another coach, or go on another diet, or try another plan, because you will know exactly what to do to transform your body and maintain your results long term.

Though some clients choose to continue working with me for the added accountability and our supportive community, the bottom line is...this will be the last program you ever have to do.

What You'll Get...



based on you, your preferences, your lifestyle and your goals so you learn how to eat whatever foods you like without sabotaging your results. Nutrition plan modifications included whenever necessary for you to be able to enjoy your meals, overcome plateau's, and continually progress towards your goal.



that teaches you how to exercise however you like in a way that still allows you to see the progress you're wanting. Prefer to workout at home? Prefer to workout at the gym? Maybe you don't even want to workout and you prefer to do some other kinds of physical activity that you enjoy. We'll tailor an exercise program that fits your wants and needs and guides you step-by-step on what to do and how to do it.



so that you don't have to try and figure things out on your own. We've done this thousands of times with thousands of different people with different lifestyles, schedules, and goals, so we already know what works. All you need to do is send us a message and we'll take all of the thinking and guesswork out and help you through even the most challenging of situations.



to gather all of the feedback from you that we need so that you can see and feel the changes with your body on a daily basis. No more waiting weeks or months to see results. We make sure your plan is working for you so that you can stay motivated to keep pushing forward towards your goal.



to discuss your progress, review your plan, and ensure you have everything you need to stay consistent and have another successful week.



where you can learn from and support other women who are also working on bettering their health and making a lifestyle change.

In the last 12 months (2021), we found that our AVERAGE GR8 Client saw the following results in our program:

10 LBS down in their first 8 WEEKS

15 LBS down in their first 12 WEEKS

20 LBS down in their first 6 MONTHS

And they were able to achieve those results

Eating WHATEVER They Want...

We teach our clients how to enjoy themselves, eat out, go on vacation, celebrate birthday's and holidays WITHOUT ruining their progress or feeling Guilty!


Exercising HOWEVER They Want...

We teach our clients how to get to their goal with any type of exercise they like, that way they actually stick with it! We even have some clients who just walk...and they STILL achieve the results above!

That's how we were able to put together the best offer we've ever made.

Our Promise...

We guarantee you'll get in the best shape of your life — or your money back.

Lots of companies guarantee their products. We guarantee our services, too.

We'll coach you and help you get to your goal in a healthy and sustainable way. You'll get in the best shape of your life or it's free. Stick with the program — and if you're not happy we'll give you back every penny. What do we need from you? We need you to take the first step.

We Probably WON'T Be A Good Fit If...

Your main concerns are making your health and fitness easy, fast, and cheap.

You don't believe it is possible to get the body you desire.

You are not ready and willing to show up for yourself like you would for your best friend or a loved one.

This Coaching Program Is For You If...

You've tried quick fixes, fad diets, and restrictive eating, and you want to learn a healthier and sustainable way to lose weight, tone, and maintain your results long term.

You want to get on an eating and exercise routine that is structured, simple, and fits with your lifestyle.

You want to learn how to make fitness, nutrition, and getting to your goal a part of your life without it completely taking it over your life.

You want to be able to eat out with friends/family, go on vacation and have a few drinks, have cake on your birthday or dessert after a meal without feeling guilty or sabotaging your results.

You're tired of taking one step forwards and two steps back, and starting over tomorrow, or on Monday.


Client Success Stories

I Get It...

I know you've likely been bombarded with ads, coaches, guru's, etc. My hope is that you see that I am beyond different.

Making a commitment to hire a coach can feel scary. Most of my clients felt the same way when they first made the decision to hire me to help with their goals.

What they found was by taking that crucial step in getting the professional support they needed, they saved a ton of time, frustration, and energy trying a bunch of things that either didn't work, or just wasn't sustainable.

But as soon as they had that support and a plan tailored specifically to their wants and needs, all of a sudden they became motivated, they were able to stick to a routine, and they went on to see and feel the changes with their body that they were wanting.

Change is not easy, but I do my best to make your journey simple, effective, efficient, and enjoyable so that this new lifestyle of yours can be one that you can sustain long term and improves all areas of your life.

And all of this can be true for you too...if you are ready, willing, and able to take that first step.

Your coach, Garret


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